Don’t Hide Your Light Under a Bushel

If there is one edict that has stayed with me from my impatient youth to 26-going-on-27, it’s that if you use patience and wait out the tide, eventually it turns and everything gets better. I posted back in October that some days are just “might don’t make it days,” where you have to chalk it up that life has the better of you and keep it moving. And sometimes those days string together to the point where you wonder where the end is.

After the past week I’ve had, I feel like I’m on a mountaintop after coming through a valley. And I’m not hiding my light and blessing under a bushel. On Friday a long-sought job offer came through. It was such an overwhelming feeling after a few seasons of feeling like my skill set was lacking, after getting the “sorry but no” call or email or no call at all (which is so incredibly unprofessional I can’t even speak on that). I went to my mental prayer closet before I got the call. I’ve always liked that concept, taking your prayers and desires straight up on high. No interruptions, no distractions, just a conversation. One shouldn’t reject the path He chooses, and that was my desire: to understand that if the answer was no, it didn’t mean “never” it meant “not right now.”

When I got off the phone, I was shaking like I’d just been in a fender bender (speaking from experience here). Hands shaking, nerves slightly raw. It was just joy, coursing through my veins. With this new opportunity, I feel a rejuvenation of energy. If there is one thing I can’t take, it’s stagnancy. Whether it’s work, education, friendships or romantic relationships, I think you should always be moving forward. Discovering new things, new concepts, new levels. In no way am I disparaging any past loves or jobs, but you do reach a fork in the road sometimes and you have to decide which way you’re going to go. It’s feeling like a road less traveled right now, but I know I chose the right one.

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