Starting 2015 on The Right Foot: Setting My Goals

Since I managed to make it into 2015 without doing a 2015 recap post – I’ve not completely dismissed the idea – I figured the first post of the new year can talk about how I’m setting myself up for greatness in 2015.

I gave myself a reality check toward the end of the year. In the span of one year, I graduated with an M.A., started a new job and had a knock-out first year AND completed 200-hour yoga teacher training. Suffice it to say, that’s quite a bit! Hours of studying, full weekends of practice and learning in the studio and sacrifice of time for the things that mattered most to me. So, I say “Clap, Clap!” for me. And….that’s enough. I do want you to remember to recognize your own accomplishments; even if you don’t tell anyone about them, acknowledge your awesomeness.

The year was transformative and I’m ready for the challenges to come!

Over the Christmas/New Year holiday week, I took on the attitude my kick-butt mom taught me and approached my yoga career with the attitude of “The worst thing they can tell me is ‘No.'” So I made the ask: about teaching positions, auditions and partnering with local media on wellness/fitness events. Lo and behold, I didn’t burst into flames and no one was mean to me. I got my first audition – woot woot! – and an opportunity I didn’t initially request presented itself, setting me up for even more teaching. Lesson learned: get out of your own way.

With this attitude, I signed up for Think and Grow Chick’s 21-day No Excuses January challenge. I’ve mentioned Courtney and her awesome program for female entrepreneurs before (check her out). She created a much-needed self-guided program that focuses on removing the usual blockades we create for ourselves (think self-defeatism and procrastination) so  we can start 2015 with an “accomplishment” mindset. My goals include incorporating 30 minutes (minimum) of yoga practice and meditation every day. Once the weather warms up, I’ll incorporate 30 minutes of outdoor activity as well.

In addition to getting out of my own way and making the ask, I’m also expanding my network. Though some can lone-wolf it out, I recognize that my career and personal goals will not be accomplished alone. One of the most powerful pieces of advice for network-building that I’ve come across is to focus not what you gain from a person but how you can help them. It’s a small but powerful tweak to how we approach meeting and truly connecting with people within and outside of our networks. I’ve gained more assistance long-term by asking “How can I help you with [insert goal]?” than by talking about myself and my own goals in the short-term. A friend who works in recruiting for an international computer company said that he never eats lunch alone. While I work toward that level of commitment on networking, I’ve started creating regular touch points (think weekly or monthly) with those who I know are working toward their goals. For me, it matters to know that someone remembers these things and checks in with me, and it makes me more apt to reach out to them to work together.

Just writing this out gets me excited! I’ll be journaling and list-making this year as well, to track my development and see where I exceeded and where I can make improvements. Resolutions aren’t my thing, so all of this is an ongoing process, not a one-time review.

What new attitude or activity are you bringing into 2015? Where will you make an adjustment for a better you, not only for now but for life?

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